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Member No.: H001934

Member No. H001934
Age 35
Gender Female
Country of Origin Philippines
Currently In North Point, Hong Kong
Language English
Marital Status
Education Level
Passport Expiry Date

Future Base Hong Kong
Expected Salary 4500 HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
Employment Start Date

Year of Experience 3
Latest Work Status Finished Contract
Worked Abroad Before? Hong Kong
Skill Sets
Chinese Food, Care Children, Care Pets, Marketing, Western Food
About Me
Dear Employers,

Hello! I'm Chel.
I am an ex-Hongkong domestic helper who had finished contract last December 2014. I have worked for a Chinese family of 4 for four consecutive years finished contract. Cooking, cleaning and childing minding were my main responsibilities. I also have a friend who is willing to work with you and so with could work as a team. She also came from Hongkong and did work as a helper too for 14 years. We are very close friends who've been together since 2013. We both are currently looking for one employer that will suit us and fortunately we have found your post here.
We both can speak good english so there would be no problem with communication or whatsoever. We both have experiences minding children ourselves and we also love dogs.

I personally love to cook although I don't have backgrounds on baking, I would love to create and try out some recipes if given a chance. I can follow instructions easily and a fast learner. I also have backgrounds on teaching kids and doing art works for them. I was a part time tutor during college days. To know more about me, please leave a message for an interview.

Thank you so much for your time and please get in touch with us anytime for interviews. God Bless you!

This is my number here in the Philippines:
+639750613037/ +639460263232

Best Regards,

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