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Know more about the situation of the maids in different countries, you may know well about the maids.

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Domestic Helper Information


截止至2017年10月,在港外傭多達約36萬,最大的外傭群體屬菲傭和印傭,佔了54%和44%,其他國籍的外傭僅占很小的比例... Read More


台灣對社福外勞的工作種類安排上是更細緻的,區分為「家庭幫傭」及「家庭看護」兩類,其中「家庭看護」又稱監護工。服務於家庭的看護和幫傭人數分別為23萬多和1958人... Read More

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Domestic Worker in Singapore

The number of domestic workers in 2017 Reaching about 240,000, of which up to 56% of Indonesian maids, 32% of Filipino maids... Read More

Housemaid in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the second largest employer of Filipino overseas workers with 760,000 Filipinos... Read More

Nanny in United Arab Emirates

You can apply for a maid/housemaid/nanny as a sponsor for a maid to work in UAE for your family. Your minimum salary must not be less Dh 6,000 / month or ... Read More

Maid in Qatar

Affluent Qatari families tend to hire maids to take care of their family affairs. However, the rules and procedures in Qatar are very complicated .... Read More

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