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Our story begin in June 1995 when I first met with Sheri (a name I used to remember her) in Central, Hong Kong.

Sheri was a friendly, loving, caring and responsible Filipina who came from a small town called Mabinay at the Philippines to take up domestic helper employment in the city. She attended to St. Vincent's High School, San Remigio, Antique and studied midwifery at Riverside Medical Center, Bacolod City, Philippines. She has 2 sons.

When we first met, we both felt that Filipinas together could have come together and did a lot more to share and support each other. So we formed the very FIRST association, My Club, in Hong Kong in 1995 that gathered Filipinos support for local charities and acted as a platform for fellow workers to help each other. The initiative was later joined by hundreds and then thousands of Overseas Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, Indian and Sri Lankan Workers in Hong Kong.

Sheri was also elected as the First Chairlady of My Club. The club formed the foundation for many of today's workers associations in Hong Kong as our successors continued to branch and expand. We never lost sight of how we started:

  • We are particularly proud of all workers who took their voyage to search for better work in support of their families back home.
  • We hope that all workers can successfully pursuit their dreams.
  • We advocate all workers to achieve fair employment terms.
  • We want to promote annual health checks for all workers.
  • We hope the world can become a better place for all!

With all objectives in mind, this is a platform built to commemorate Sheri for her contribution to all Overseas Workers in general and to herself in particular. And we are sure that Sheri's spirit will continue to flourish on the internet.

Sheri, we Miss You!

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